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HOTEL FURNITURE CLEANING.COM - 50 Years Of Excellence In The Industry

Hotel Furniture Cleaning.Com

50 Years of Excellence in the Industry!

About Us


We are pleased to introduce you to the talented, dedicated and experienced staff of HOTEL FURNITURE CLEANING.COM


Al Carrato is the President of our company.  He was born into the hotel industry in 1937.  At age 5 he was counting linens, at age 8 pulling weeds, at age 10 working as a bellboy and by 16 he was working as an assistant at the front desk.

             For most of his life he has been involved in the design, building and operating hotels in Pasadena, CA, Miami and Miami Beach, FL.  In the 1970’s he was a partner in an interior decorating dealership program that provided hotel room decorating in over 300 cities in the U.S.  In the 1990’s he moved to Orlando and started a marketing company to bring new products and technology to the hotel, hospitality and associated industries. 

In 2002, he started Hotel Furniture Cleaning.Com with his partner
James “Chip” Ridenour in the Atlanta area. Chip comes from the hotel furniture manufacturing sector and has owned a larger antique repair and refinishing business in the Atlanta area.  He is our Director of Operations and Production and is charged with the training and deployment of our “hotel cleaning” teams and manages each project on-site.

             Chip has over 15 years experience in the “hands-on” cleaning and restoration of antiques and hotel furniture.  He is an expert in touch-up and has developed the techniques we use today.   He has a goal of improving the design and use of our materials in order to provide high quality and fast drying processes as we continue to expand into the hotel industry marketplace.


Edie Mraz is our sales and marketing director.  She manages the direct marketing and sales in the company’s markets.  Edie comes from many years in the real estate industry.  She also manages our program to our company into the AAHOA Membership and the other hotels in the Southeast.

Annie Carrato has over 40 years in industry and manages our corporate office and serves the daily needs of those in the field in a timely fashion.

Tom Griffin manages our upholstery shop in the Atlanta region.  Tom is a talented and skilled craftsman with over 40 years experience in upholstery of residential, antique, commercial and hotel furniture.





             Our ability to offer the hotel industry cleaning and furniture restoration comes from the antique furniture industry.  Over the past 45 years we have developed a proprietary process for cleaning, coloring and scratch removal for very expensive antique furniture for both antique dealers and collectors. 

             These processes now make up the critical components of what we offer in the hotel industry for cleaning and restoring hotel furniture at a very competitive price. 

             We have also developed a process to achieve laminate and veneer repairs in minutes.  This capability gives us a “quick” process for repairing hotel furniture veneers. 

             Parallel to the cleaning and repair, we have worked many years in the development of “rapid drying” touch-up and finishing systems.  We use coloring techniques and finishing systems that can be applied on-site and dry in minutes.  This was important to our antique furniture business and is directly transferable to the hotel industry.

             In summary, a piece of hotel furniture can be cleaned, repaired and touched-up in a short period of time and the life of the furniture can be extended a number of years.  This immediately reduces the cost of new hotel furniture on the part of the owner or innkeeper.

             We believe our 50 years of experience in the hotel industry, the marriage of our techniques, proprietary processes and materials and our competitive pricing makes us a unique choice for the hotel owner.  


Hotel Furniture

 We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust
and deliver you the best service in the industry.

























































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         50 Years of Excellence in the Industry!