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HOTEL FURNITURE CLEANING.COM - 50 Years Of Excellence In The Industry

Hotel Furniture Cleaning.Com

50 Years of Excellence in the Industry!

Furniture Restoration



Furniture Surface Restoration All furniture surfaces can be restored, even the veneer furniture common to the industry.  Now we can remove most scratches and surface blemishes, while cleaning the piece.  We use a material that removes dirt, smoke damage, scuffs and scrapes while coloring the surface, bringing it back to its original look.  This is not the Old English or Orange Oil-type products.  We use is a proprietary system developed over many years.


Furniture Surface Repair Along with cleaning, we have a new and quick surface repair system, especially for veneers.  We can repair a broken veneer in just seconds.  Again, a process we developed over a period of 10 years for the antique industry on-site repairs. 


Structural Damage Repair Most common structural repairs to the hotel furniture involves the wooden chairs.  In this case, we use new high density glue that dries in two hours.  We can glue drawer fronts, molding strips around table edges and the top edges of a chest, broken Formica and refrigerator bottoms that become damaged by water and moisture.


Touch-Up And Finish Coats Through the use of quick drying coloring and top coat materials we are able to complete the restoration and bring the piece back to near new condition.  Our touch-up and top coat systems dry in 6 to 8 minutes





             We have over 40 years experience in furniture upholstery, with more than 2,000 customers.  We have a full-service shop in the Atlanta area.  Small jobs like straight back and side chairs used in the rooms and dining area can be done on-site.  Couches and love seats are taken to Atlanta shop if it is economical to do so.  We can provide a discount of 15% on fabrics





             In many cases, we find tables, chairs and chest tops that have been stained using products like Varathane.  Staining over the top of polyurethane or lacquer does not work.  We offer a solution to this problem through cleaning and touch-up, making them look new again.  We can repair tables and chairs on-site using modern glues on the leg-to-chair or leg-to-skirt interfaces.  Chair repair is done as part of the cleaning process.





             Armoires are modified to facilitate the new wide screen TVs.  Most armoires are modified by cutting the sides off at the top of the first drawer or shelf.  Next we cut the top off the armoire and place it on top of the drawers.  The process is clean and is not detectable.  The cost is $50 per armoire.




              Many hotels have exhibited major damage to the bottom shelf in the refrigerator cabinet.  Water usually accumulates on the front portion of the shelf.  Over a period of time the wood or press board begins to degrade.  We can repair and finish these enclosures on-site as part of the cleaning process.  The cost depends on the amount of damage.



             Head boards can be raised using our   process.  We can extend the height by adding a piece of molding and a 10 to 12 inch piece of laminated wood across the bottom length of the head board.  Next we color the new area to match the original finish.  The cost is $50 per headboard.



              In some cases we can change the color of blond, light cherry and even white furniture.  Our process only works form light to dark.  This is done as a part of the cleaning process and is a little more expensive.  We can demo this process on one or two pieces for your approval. 
























































  Don't spend a fortune on replacing old furniture that can be restored to new
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