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HOTEL FURNITURE CLEANING.COM - 50 Years Of Excellence In The Industry

Hotel Furniture Cleaning.Com

50 Years of Excellence in the Industry!




Hotel Furniture Cleaning.Com guarantees that you will pass any corporate inspection after using our service.




           As a member of the Asian-American Hotel Owners Association, our

goal is to make the AAHOA hotel owners in the Southeastern U.S. is to

assist in lowering furniture restoration and replacement costs.


           Our concern is hotel owners who are getting scammed by new

groups of small 2-man companies offering services that are less than

satisfactory for the money.  We have identified 5 such companies that are

surfacing out of Texas, Georgia (2), Illinois and Florida.


           Due-diligence is required in order to know what you are getting. 

There is no better way to test a company’s credibility then through their

references.  Ask for 10 or 15 references (numbers eliminate the new guys

trying to make a quick buck).


Questions to ask:


Will you provide a demo?

Does the process leave odors?

Is it rapid dry (less then 4 hours)?

Are the workers employees or local contract help?

What happens to a completed table if a wet glass is placed on it?

Can they change furniture color?

What is the guarantee?

What is the cost of a second cleaning within a year?


           Don’t hesitate to call us if you would like a competitive bid by professionals with over 50 years in the hotel industry.





















With over 50 years of experience in the hotel/motel industry in Florida, Southern California, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina; It is our  program guarantee that you will pass any company or corporate inspection. 




























































  Don't spend a fortune on replacing old furniture that can be restored to new
condition for pennies on the dollar.  Let Hotel solve your furniture problems.
We provide free estimates in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky,
South Carolina, Florida, and North Carolina.


Call today to schedule a free-no obligation consultation.


Call Al Carrato (678)327-6487


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We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come


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         50 Years of Excellence in the Industry!