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Hotel Furniture Restoration and Armoire Conversion

Hotel Furniture Touch-up

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Why Choose Hotel Furniture Restoration And
Touch-Up Instead Of Repacement?

* Our durable top-coat is stronger than your original finish
* We fix burn marks, scratches, rubbed off finish, dents, dings, and faded areas
* Our refurbishing/touch-up method will allow you to rent your rooms within 6 hours of completion.
* We operate with small crews to allow you the smallest inconvenience in room interruption. 
* We can work with you to make sure you maximize your income during the minimally invasive renovation.


We are "Restoration Artists".  Our background and ongoing
business is in refinishing priceless antique furniture. 

Want to keep more money in your pocket?  Your customers are going to systematically and methodically destroy your hotel and hospitality furniture.  Your franchise is going to inspect you.  If your furniture looks bad, and if you don't do something about it... what happens?  Lose your franchise...or shell out $800 to $1500 per room for new furniture that your customers are going to systematically and methodically destroy...  again. 
STOP THE VICIOUS CYCLE!  Let us touch-up and refurbish your furniture for less than $100 per room.


Call James Ridenour (770) 235-2125


New furniture is between $750 and $1500 per room.  We recently touched-up a hotel with 10 year old furniture- in Atlanta- in horrible shape -for $100 per room.  For slightly damaged furniture in decent shape, we charge as little as $50 per room.  It makes no sense to buy new before you let us refurbish.

Refurbishing Works!

Southeast Hospitality Furniture Services
Atlanta, Ga