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Hotel Furniture Restoration and Armoire Conversion

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About Us

Mr. Piccolo's Antique Furniture Refinishing has been putting smiles on our customers' faces for over 45 years.  Experience counts when it comes to your family heirlooms.  We provide an honest service and exceptional value.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality, reliable furniture restoration service that is as affordable as it is rewarding. We hope you will take the time to call and schedule an appointment with us.  Don't let those scratches and blemishes anoy you another day!

Our Employees

Al Carrato is a true master craftsman.  His long life has included a plethora of practical mechanical applications that have culminated in the ability to make almost anything from almost nothing.  Many times we gaze in wonder at the profound results from his labor.  Seventy years young, Al keeps the shop running like a well-oiled machine.  He puts in more than 60 hours a week... if he takes a day off.
Chip Ridenour is the heir-apparent to the master.  With 12 years experience in furniture refinishing, he sometimes surprises even the old man.  Chip does most of the stipping, sanding, and stain matching on the furntiure, as well as the touch-up.
"The Magnificent Magi Hall" keeps the boys in line.  She is an expert in furniture cleaning and restoration.  She decides whether or not it can be saved without refinishing, and gives the furniture the final once-over before delivery.  She also keeps the shop stocked with supplies.
The sultry Donna Poole is the website manager and salesperson for the company.  An avid BAMA fan, she can talk sports with the best of you guys.
Tom Griffen is the master upholsterer. He has over 35 years experience in all kinds of upholstery types... from simple ottomans to complex rolled and pleated Victorian era sofas.  His shop stays very busy, so get in line today!  It is worth the wait.

Our Company
Southeast Hospitality Furniture Services is a direct subsidiary of Mr. Piccolo's Antique Furniture Refinishing in Atlanta Georgia. 

Mr Piccolo's Antique Furniture Refinishing has been operating in the Atlanta market for over 45 years.  Our founder, Al Carrato started refinishing antique furniture in his garage.  As the business grew, he hired the curent manager Chip Ridenour to expand the business and make it grow.  Al and Chip are still at it after all these years.  Chip is the hands on supervisor for every hotel project.  You deal with the original company owners instead of subordinates for every job!  We are very proud of our work and don't cut any corners.  You can be assured that every reference you contact will be providing you feedback on the same people that will do the work for your property.


Southeast Hospitality Furniture Services
Atlanta, Ga